Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy for Visitors applies to anyone who visits the website 

The website is managed by Chica Bonita. The contact details are the same as provided on

Customer Information Security
Some data coming from visiting and ordering on our website will be permanently preserved, but in private. Chica Bonita ensures good protection of the stored data. Sensitve payment information will not be stored, due to the use of secure payment gateway providers. 

The data obtained from the customer will be only used for the following purposes:
1. Improve the usability and customer service of the website
2. The sending of one or more emails including order information 
3. To process transactions 

Questions about the Privacy Policy can be asked through the contact details of Cihca Bonita.

Chica Bonita is entitled to change the content of the Privacy Policy without the visitor is informed. The implementation of changes on the website is appropriate for this purpose.

Information provided to third parties 
The data will never be disclosed to third parties or used for unethical purposes. The ony exception for disclosing information is when a court order is issued to provide information. 

Adjustment of customer data 
The customer always has the possibility to change the data provided.

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